The goal of this project was to design a building proposal for a new Center for Urban Agriculture in Pittsburgh which would serve as both a community center and a place for urban gardening. The basic programmatic requirements were to contain a teaching/outreach space, administrative offices, indoor market, equipment storage, greenhouse, material storage, fabrication space, and parking. Besides that,      the project was mostly guided by what paths and aspects of the site we personally chose to focus on.      The four main focuses of my design were the road, retaining wall, terrace growing, and light.

Center for

Urban Agriculture

One of my main objectives was to create road through my site that would help with the traffic on Fifth Avenue which is a one way street. The road allows visitors to drive under the structure in a lighted tunnel due to pockets of sunlight penetrating below and immediately they have the option of pulling into the parking lot or continuing onto Moultrie Street.

The steep topography of the site was accentuated by creating

a retaining wall which can grow plants in 1'x1'x1' units.

This helped to mediate the amount of earth relocated within the same site to avoid the cost

of shipping in or disposing of materials. Beyond that, the growing wall creates a focal point on the highway or driving down the street that visually separates the site from the rest

of the urban context.




To bring the idea of urban agriculture further than just the growing wall, the area south

of the road consists of terracing fields that will grow an array

of seasonal produce to encourage community exposure to natural growing methods, educational opportunities to learn about the agricultural processes, a hobby for the community to partake in,

and more of a connection to nature within the urban context of Uptown, Pittsburgh. 


A naturally considered factor when creating an urban agricultural center, light was prioritized during the design process with the intentions of creating an enjoyable environment for the inhabitants with exposure to natural sunlight for both the plants and people. 

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