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The objective of this project was to make a planter that could survive outdoors in Pittsburgh from mid September until the first frost.

Sketches showing the iterative process

Folded Garden Sheet 2-2.jpg
Folded Garden Sheet 2-1.jpg

Sketches showing the iterative process

The final planter was made of yupo paper, piano wire, and heat shrink plastic. The design revolved around implying natural growth and expansion through a geometric form. The plant was a stevia which was distinctive from the other plants due to its height and prominent leaves. The main concerns of the planter was addressing the fragile nature of the stevia plant, the need for plenty of sun and water, the requirements of a good drainage system, and insulation to keep the plant alive when temperatures decrease.

Folded Garden Sheet 3.jpg

The form of the paper was chosen because it accentuated the form and

height of the stevia, while still providing support for the soil necessary for 

the plant's survival. 

Folded Garden Sheet 1.jpg

Final Cut Sheet and Folding Instructions

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