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Care in Crisis

Designed a platform aimed to connect those most vulnerable with volunteers to receive essential aid during the coronavirus pandemic

Problem Prompt

SFUXD Design Jam Challenge 

April 2020 - June 2020 | Duration: 3 months

Project Overview

“About one-in-four adults ages 60

and older (23%) live alone today –

16.7 million in all”

With the elderly population vulnerable to Covid-19 and unable to leave their houses, my team and I wanted to know what can we as designers do to ensure they are able to receive while prioritizing personal safety?


Figma, Miro, Trello


Moonmita Ghosh, Debbie Cheng, Khanh Tran


User Research, Concept Ideation, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Testing

Understanding Our Users

To better understand our target demographic we connected with over 40 elderly people and COVID crisis volunteers through Google Form Surveys and virtual interviews.

Design Process

Though our main users are the elderly, we identified two other user types that would greatly benefit from Care in Crisis: people with weakened immune systems and family members of the elderly that want to request services for them.

Developing Concepts
Style Guide
Final Result

Learning from Our Competition

To understand what other services are out there, we conducted a competitive analysis on two community-based free platforms, Nextdoor and CaringVillage, and two task-based paid services, TaskRabbit and Instacart.

Care in Crisis Competitive Analysis.png

What Can Our Product Do to Protect the Vulnerable During a Global Pandemic?

Through conversations with users and internal team discussions, we were able to identify the main problems to keep in mind while designing the experience.


Safety of users and volunteers

What can our platform do to prevent exposure despite limited PPE and testing?

How can we ensure fluid contactless delivery?

How can we ensure users feel safe putting their personal information and payment details into our platform?

Happy volunteers are important

How do we make signing up and completing tasks an easy process for volunteers?

Is there anything you can do to help volunteers feel like they're making more of a difference despite the lack of real-life interactions?

How can we help volunteers easily incorporate tasks into their schedules?

Designing for the elderly

How can we ensure our design is accessible to everyone?

How can we mitigate limited familiarity using digital products?

How can we incorporate users that don't have credit cards?

Impact on the wider community

How can we ensure our users aren’t contributing to panic buying?

How can we encourage users to shop small businesses and support the local community?

Request a Service Iterations Annotations

Key Changes from

Wireframe to High Fidelity Mockups

Dashboard Iterations Annotations.png
Learning Theories


Design Iterations

Previous Design Iterations


Let's Grow 1 First.jpg
Let's Grow Poster Iteration 2
Let's Grow Poster Poster Iteration 3


concept-developmentArtboard-3 (1).png
concept-developmentArtboard-3 (1).png


concept-developmentArtboard-3 (1).png
concept-developmentArtboard-3 (1).png


Let's Grow 4.jpg
Let's Grow 4.1.jpg
Let's Grow 4.1.jpg
Let's Grow 4.1.jpg
Sign 1.jpg
Sign 3.jpg
Sign 2.jpg


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