Computing for Creative Practices

This course was an introductory coding course for people typically from the creative and artistic side of Carnegie Mellon University whom did not have prior coding knowledge. It also served as the portal course for CMU's Interdisciplinary department known as IDeATe (Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology). The course was taught using p5.js (a javascript library) with weekly Looking Outwards (writing assignments that encouraged us to look into what was being created right now by new media artists and creators through coding, technology, and new forms of fabrication), homework assignments that were to be replicated which taught us how to problem solve and code in javascript, and projects that tested our creativity in new ways by making us juggle our aesthetic tastes while demonstrating the new skills we'd acquired that week.

Abstract Clock

For this project we were assigned to create an abstract clock using the functions hour(), minute(), second(), and millis(). Based off a cute snack I was having at the time, I made the leaves of the strawberry show the hour using the 12 hour system, the bands of blue and purple showing the seconds leading up to a minute where the bands start in the other direction, and the minutes shown by the clock hand in the corner.


This project started from using the Mathworld Daisy Spiral chosen out of a number of base codes and was used to make the spirals unroll/roll up depending on the position of the mouse. I chose colors that were aesthetically pleasing and a composition that seemed fun to me. I received the staff pick of the week for this project.


For this project, I incorporated an picture of me posted online on IMGUR that through the mouse placement would slowly come in and form a pixelated picture of me composed of colored circles that adopted the color value of the spot they appeared on.

London Bridge

Based off the old nursery rhyme "London Bridge is falling down," I decided to alter source code of the Big Square Mesh springs so the bridge can be dragged whichever way you want. When you get tired of old London Bridge, you can make it disappear by pressing any of the keys. There's also a nice little message at the end.

The Truth is Out There

For my final project to finish out this course, I worked with a partner (Ramya Chinta) to make a generative landscape with cars, clouds, and a bridge that passes by. The user controls the UFO by moving the mouse and the objective is to abduct all the cars by clicking above them until there are none left. 

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