Light, Camera, Action was one of five projects in the final showcase for the course Reactive Spaces and Media Architecture. The space that we chose to occupy was the stairwell entry to the entire gallery equip with high ceilings and a couch to relax on in the back of the space. We manipulated the entryway space by dropping down and exploding the ceiling with mylar and scrim-covered rectangular panels. Visitors traveling through the entryway have their movements captured by a webcam in the back of space, inputting their actions to TouchDesigner which would trigger the DMX lights to grow increasingly magenta or red depending on the amount of movement. These lights would then be reflecting and refracting off our panels, creating a faceted environment of rippling lights and bright pigments to raise expectations for the rest of the exhibitions.


Our project visually demonstrates an interpretation of how our visitors are influencing the space with their presence. 


Ophelie Tousignant

Matt Prindible

Erin Fuller

Emily deGrandpre





Sketch of panel placement and planning

Sketch of metal frame with cross bracing to hold up panels

Touchdesigner triggering the lights using video input


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