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Bingxuan Liang

Samson Liu

Nitesh Sridhar

Veronica Wang

Elaboration II Studio 48-205 

Studio Professor: Jeff King; Supervised: Eddy Man Kim | Spring 2016


Luminoria was an experiment with sound-based interactive new media created as part of the second year architecture studio so the students could have a better understanding of the performance aspects and requirements of creating a new media space for our next project, a new media theater, that semester.


On the software side, everything was supported by Processing which received the audio inputs in the room from an external microphone, adjusting the speed of the animation showing on the projector based on the volume levels in the room.


We constructed the hexagonal framework out of cross laminated timber and weaved string through slots in the supporting structure to create a visually engaging surface for the animation to be projected on. 


Luminoria derives its etymology from the Latin root words Lumin and Gloria, meaning light and string respectively.


Anirudh Anand

Gunn Chaiyapatranun

Serra Cizmeci

Caitlin Donnelly

Yang Gao

Dana Kim


Kelly Li


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